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Cozy Pig Winter: Kavee’s Winter is Wheeking Launch and Christmas Presents for Guinea Pigs Guide

Your guinea pigs bring you much love all year round, so why not treat them to the best gift this Christmas? Don't forget about your guinea pig loving friends and family too, or maybe even treat yourself! We have guinea pig themed gift ideas that will surely delight!

C for Cavy - The Ultimate Guide to Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs

Vitamin C is so important for a healthy guinea pig diet, we could just call it vitamin Cavy! Let’s find out why vitamin c and guinea pigs have such a strong bond, what the best vitamin C foods for guinea pigs are, and how you can prevent and spot vitamin C deficiency in guinea pigs.

Caring for Piggy Soles - The Toe-tal Guide to Bumblefoot in Guinea Pigs

Our little friends are prone to guinea pig bumblefoot - a condition that sounds cute, but really isn’t. Staying on top of piggy foot care is a great feet, our blog is the ultimate guide to guinea pig feet. Become a toe-tal guinea pig feet expert!

Discover Cage Care Tips on YouTube

Become a C&C cage expert with our video tutorials!

Why Kavee’s C&C Cages Make The Best Guinea Pig and Rabbit Homes

Customize Your Home

You can expand and change your small pet habitat with Kavee’s flexible cage designs. Customize your home with our removable panels and tailored coroplast base.

Be Close To Your Pets

Kavee’s C&C cages are easy to clean, so you can spend more quality time with your pets. Choose our solid cage stands, and your cute companions will be closer to you than ever before - perfect for bonding time.

Room To Take Off

Our C&C cages have bunnies and piggies binky and popcorn all around the globe - because they have the space to do so. Kavee’s cages give small pets the room to be who they are.


Animal welfare is at the heart of Kavee. Our team of small animal experts work hard to bring real solutions to pet parents and help small pets across the globe live better lives.

But we don’t stop there. Come find out more about Kavee’s CEO and founder Clementine and her vision for a better future for small pets!

Meet the Kavee crew!
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