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Top 5 Must-have Accessories for Guinea Pigs!

Top 5 Must-have Accessories for Guinea Pigs!

Looking to treat your guinea pigs? Check out our must-have accessories you need right now!

We absolutely ADORE our guinea pigs and we love nothing more than treating and keeping them happy!! Keeping your guinea pig happy and entertained is crucial to their overall health and well-being. A happy guinea pig is the ultimate goal for anyone who owns these charismatic creatures.  

As a piggie owner, you want to see your bundle of joy at ease in their environment and to encourage playtime and interactive behaviour. But how do you make sure your pet is as happy as can be? By adding to their C&C Cage some fun and cute accessories for them to play and sleep in!

We’re here to guide you through our must-have guinea pig accessories that will change your guinea pig's lives.

Top Guinea Pig Accessory #1: FLEECE CUDDLE CUP

Guinea pigs are affectionate creatures and love to snuggle! There is nothing better than sleeping in a warm fleece bed and comfy pillow to enjoy endless nap times. Treating your guinea pig to a cuddle cup allows them to have naptime alone and to spread out and stretch. Cuddle cups are a great addition to any C&C cage by not only looking great, but providing individual hiding places for you guinea pigs. 

guinea pig sitting in polka dot spots fleece cuddle cup in C&C cage

Our cuddle cups come in a variety of colors and match perfectly to your fleece liners. Check out our fleece cuddle cups here.

Top Guinea Pig Accessory #2: FLEECE TUNNEL

As guinea pigs are prey animals they have the instinct to run away and hide. Adding a fleece tunnel to your C&C Cage allows a place for your guinea pig to have cover and to feel safe. 

With the tunnel being fleece lined this allows your guinea pig to also sleep and laze around keeping nice and warm and toasty!

flower fleece tunnel accessory for guinea pigs

Our fleece tunnels come in a variety of colors and match perfectly to your fleece liners. Check out our fleece tunnels here.

Top Guinea Pig Accessory #3: FLEECE HOUSE

The latest addition and a must have accessory for any guinea pig owner is our fleece hidey. The ultimate fleece lined hiding nest for your piggies to sleep and spend the day chilling! Our hidey house is a perfect place for your guinea pigs to feel safe, snuggly and warm. Our hidey house comes with a removable pee pad perfect for keeping you C&C Cage clean!

guinea pig sleeping in fleece house unicorn design Our fleece hideys match perfectly with your fleece liners. Check out our new hidey house range here.

Top Guinea Pig Accessory #4: FLEECE PILLOWS

As humans we love nothing more than having a comfy bed and a nice soft pillow to rest our head on. Who says guinea pigs are any different? Known for resting their heads and having the most adorable sleeping positions, our latest pillow range is your new number one accessory for guinea pigs. Perfect for placing in hidey houses or around your C&C Cage, your guinea pigs will love the new pillows to rest their head on! 

guinea pig resting head on flower fleece pillow accessory Mix and Match our cute pillows with your fleece liners. Check out our new fleece pillow range here.

Top Guinea Pig Accessory #5: FLEECE HAY BAG

Hay is an essential part of a guinea pigs diet and needs to be given in unlimited quantities. Treating your guinea pigs to a hay bag allows your guinea pigs to get fresh hay without it being soiled when they lay on it. The hay bag is perfect for keeping the hay fresh and dry and has easy access for your guinea pigs to get to. The hay bag also keeps your C&C Cage tidy by keeping the hay in one place! 

long hair guinea pig eating from cow print fleece hay bag

Our hay bags match perfectly with your fleece liners. Check out our hay bag range here.


Accessories for guinea pigs are a fun way to revamp your C&C Cage, encourage play time  and to give your guinea pigs the gifts they deserve!


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