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Top 5 C&C Cages to Quarantine Guinea Pigs

Top 5 C&C Cages to Quarantine Guinea Pigs

Here are our Top 5 C&C cages to quarantine Guinea Pigs for fighting, illness and more!

During the COVID 19 pandemic, the concept of quarantine was everywhere. However, did you know there are circumstances when guinea pigs should also be quarantined?

As our social animal friends thrive in herds, there are many circumstances when guinea pigs should be quarantined. Whether you want to separate fighting guinea pigs or quarantine sick ones, we'll talk you through the most suitable guinea pig cages for any situation you may face as a guinea pig owner.

Quarantine C&C Cage #1: Best Cage for Introducing New Guinea Pigs

Being sociable creatures, guinea pigs can easily become lonely which makes having a companion essential. However you may find your guinea pig is alone due to circumstances, like a recent death. In this situation we recommend that you find them a companion from a reputable guinea pig rescue, as many rescues provide matching services to help you find the right match for your pet.

A C and C cage is the perfect home for your guinea pigs. C&C cages provide the ideal living situation for your guinea pig, allowing them the space they need to roam and to live a happy life. 

When introducing a new guinea pig a 6x2 c and c cage with a divider is an ideal cage to help bond your two guinea pigs. The cage is made up of two 3x2 cages merged in the middle. The divider allows you to separate your guinea pig easily and quickly, but doesn't leave your guinea pig lonely!
6x2 cage with a divider for guinea pigs

Additionally, the 6x2 C&C Cage with divider and loft allows extra space for when you re-introduce your guinea pigs, creating separate sleeping and resting areas to avoid future disagreements.

The addition of a stand to the setup allows you to store your guinea pig essentials underneath. Check out our blog 4 reasons to add a stand to your C and C cage to see why adding a stand is crucial to your setup. 

When your piggies have been successfully introduced to one another, the divider can be removed to create a full sized 6x2 C&C cage.

Fun Fact #1 Did you know in Switzerland it is illegal to own only one guinea pig?

6x2 C&C Cage with divider and stand

Quarantine C&C Cage #2: Best Cage for Fighting Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are among the most lovable and social animals a pet owner could own. Most guinea pigs love nothing more than the comfort of cuddling up to their companion or with their piggie parents. Guinea Pigs, like us, have big personalities, which leads to disagreements at times. Living with a companion 24 hours a day can produce tension and sometimes even fights. With the right cage size, you can prevent disagreements between guinea pigs, allowing them to enjoy freedom and space.

Because guinea pigs usually live in herds, there is a natural hierarchy between individuals. If you are a first-time piggie parent, you may find it alarming to see your guinea pigs break out into a fight. Don’t panic: the occasional disagreement is actually normal! Your guinea pigs are simply displaying dominant behaviour and trying to figure out who's in charge!

However, in some instances, fights become more than a display of dominance and could result in injury if left to escalate. If a fight results in injury, or becomes too frequent, you will need to consider separating your guinea pigs.

That’s where Kavee’s L-Shape 8x2 C&C Cage with Divider offers the perfect solution to separate fighting guinea pigs. It is made of two 4x2 cages arranged in an L-shape. The divider allows your guinea pigs to see and smell each other but will not allow them to cause any harm. 

L-Shape 8x2 C&C Cage with Divider

For more information on guinea pig dominance behaviour and to avoid future fights, read our blog on all you need to know about guinea pig fights.

Fun Fact #2 Did you know that cages sold at pet stores are too small for guinea pigs?

Quarantine C&C Cage #3: Best Cage for Large Guinea Pig Herds

As we all know, guinea pigs are social creatures and are usually found living in herds. In recent years, the number of people owning more than two guinea pigs has steadily grown. Guinea pigs are relatively easy to keep together, but sometimes they can pose difficulties when owning more than two. It is essential when keeping guinea pigs to ensure the cage is large enough to allow them to live comfortably. It is a well-known fact that many pet store cages are not suitable for guinea pigs. The size of a guinea pig's cage is detrimental to their health and wellbeing and having a large cage makes all the difference to the quality of their lives. Nevertheless, having the space to accommodate guinea pigs presents its own unique set of challenges.

Two Tier 5x2 C&C Double Cage for guinea pigs

For a herd of guinea pigs, our impressive double 5x2 c and c cage is a guinea pig palace! The cage is suitable to house up to six guinea pigs solving your space dilemma. The cage allows three guinea pigs on each level. 

If you have more than six guinea pigs and are unsure of the recommended cage size check out our blog on how big a guinea pig cage should be.

Two Tier 5x2 C&C Double Cage for guinea pigs

As a pet owner, your number one priority is keeping your guinea pig safe. Be mindful when assembling C and C cages to follow the instructions carefully. Our blog, the ultimate guide to building a C&C cage, is a valuable tool you can use in conjunction with your cage instructions. 

Check out our simple step by step video resources below.

Fun Fact #3 Did you know that in the wild guinea pigs can live in herds of 10 or more?

Quarantine C&C Cage #4: Best Cage during Illness in Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig ownership can be one of the most rewarding experiences. One of the downsides of owning a pet, however, is when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, guinea pigs, like humans, are susceptible to illness. In order to stop the spread of infection, it's crucial to quarantine poorly guinea pigs

Keeping a guinea pig cage clean is crucial to preventing illness. While some illnesses cannot be prevented, keeping your guinea pig's cage clean is important not only for the health of your pet but will also help rule out any issues that may be causing them to show symptoms. For tips and tricks on cleaning your guinea pig cage see our blog on six guinea pig cleaning hacks I wish I knew.

As well as keeping a cage clean, fleece liners are a great alternative bedding option that can keep your guinea pig healthy and free from lung irritations. To learn more about fleece liners and alternative guinea pig bedding check out our blog.

L-Shape 6x2 C&C Cage with Divider for guinea pigs

Our L-Shape 6x2 cage with a divider is perfect for quarantining your ill guinea pig so they cannot pass on contact infections, such as ringworm, to their companion. The cage is made from two 3x2 cages arranged in a L-shape. The great concept of a divider is that your guinea pig can see and communicate with its friend but is kept at a safe distance to not spread infection. 

L-Shape 6x2 C&C Cage with divider and loft for guinea pigs

If your guinea pig has undergone surgery a vet may advise you to quarantine your sick piggie until it recovers. Adding a stand to your setup will raise your guinea pig off the ground to avoid cold drafts and any germs or bacteria which will, in turn, help them to recover quicker. 

L-Shape 6x2 C&C Cage with divider and stand for guinea pigs

When the isolation or quarantine is over, this cage can easily be turned into one large 6x2 C&C cage, by rearranging the dividing grids in the middle!

Quarantine C&C Cage #5: Best Cage for Pregnant or Nursing Guinea Pigs

In the wild, Guinea pigs are designed to continuously reproduce. For a sow, pregnancy is a very stressful time, so there should be careful monitoring implemented during this period. That’s why it is important that guinea pigs are housed in the appropriate cage in order to ensure their comfort and safety during pregnancy.

Since stress should be minimized throughout pregnancy, any changes in the cage or environment should be implemented as early as possible during the pregnancy, when the sow is less stressed. Multi-housing and lofts in c and c cages should be avoided since sows' balance will be affected during pregnancy, and later in pregnancy, a pregnant sow may not be able to climb higher levels.

Guinea pigs are sociable animals, so sows should be kept with their companions even when pregnant. However, do not hesitate to separate sows during pregnancy if they do not get along. You may notice tension brewing between your two sows as a flood of pregnancy hormones kick in. Separating them before giving birth is the best option.

Our Two Tier 4x2 cage with stand and storage allows you to separate your guinea pigs if needed, to reduce stress and tension within the relationship.


Separating your guinea pigs will allow you to monitor your sow's eating and drinking habits as signs can be easily missed. Males should be removed well before birth happens to avoid back-to-back pregnancies.

Two Tier 4x2 C&C Cage with Stand & Storage for guinea pigs

After the guinea pig's pregnancy ends and the pair are reintroduced, you may find disagreements begin. However, this should only be temporary until a new hierarchy is established.

Fun Fact #4 Did you know that the largest number of pups a sow has given birth to was 14!

Two Tier 4x2 C&C Cage with Stand & Storage for guinea pigs


Guinea pigs may need to be quarantined for a variety of reasons including new introductions, recovery from surgery, illness, or pregnant/nursing sows. Hopefully, you will have found these 5 spacious c and c cages helpful to help keep your guinea pig healthy and safe along the way.



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