what does c and c c&C cage stand for kavee usa

What does C&C cage stand for?

What does C&C Cage stand for?

If you are a dedicated guinea pig owner, you have probably come across the terms C&C cage (or C and C cage) on forums and articles about guinea pigs.

But what does C and C cage stand for?

C&C cage stands for Cubes and Coroplast cage. Cube refers to the grids that are assembled to create the structure of the cage, while coroplast constitutes the plastic base used in the cage.

Coroplast and correx are basically brand names for corrugated plastic. This material is chemically inert, highly durable, and free from additives like ultraviolet inhibitors.

Because they are flexible and spacious, C&C cages are often cited as one of the best cages for guinea pigs.

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