Kavee partners with Guinea Pig Diaries

To all die-hard guinea pig lovers: there is a new documentary that has everyone wheeking in delight! Kavee is proud to officially announce its partnership with the award-winning Guinea Pig Diaries documentary. 

Satin Syndrome in Guinea Pigs: Everything you Need to Know!

If you’ve noticed that your guinea pig has a distinct shiny, almost glossy appearance, this could indicate a serious health concern for your guinea pig. Read on to find out more about satin guinea pigs.

Are Guinea Pigs The Right Pet For Me?

Are you wondering if a guinea pig is the right pet for you? Take our quiz and test your knowledge!

Top 5 Must-have Accessories for Guinea Pigs!

How do you make sure your pet is as happy as can be? By adding to their C&C Cage some fun and cute accessories for them to play and sleep in! We’re here to guide you through our must-have guinea pig accessories that will change your guinea pig's lives.

7 Supplies you Should NOT Get for your Guinea Pigs

Have you ever wondered if there are any unsafe supplies? If a product is labelled for guinea pigs, it should be safe, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case...

Kavee Launches Transparent C&C Panels!

The wait is finally over! Transparent C&C panels are finally here.

Women Who Changed The Lives Of Guinea Pigs: Saskia

Next in our spotlight series is the one and only Saskia! Read on to find out more about the queen of guinea pigs…

Women Who Changed The Lives Of Guinea Pigs: Julia

Julia from The Little Adventures is the next feature in our spotlight series. Read on to find out more…

Women Who Changed The Lives Of Guinea Pigs: Fenella

Next in our series is Fenella from WEE Companions guinea pig rescue. Read on to find out more… Continuing our spotlig...

Women Who Changed The Lives Of Guinea Pigs: Ellie

Ellie is a registered vet with a passion for guinea pigs. She is the next star in our women’s day series. Read on to find out more…

Top 5 C&C Cages to Quarantine Guinea Pigs

Here are our Top 5 C&C cages to quarantine Guinea Pigs for fighting, illness and more! During the COVID 19 pandem...

How to care for your Guinea Pig’s C&C Cage?

If you are looking for ways to maintain your C and C cage then read on to find out our top 5 tips and tricks in order to keep your C&C cage in the best shape!
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