Bonding guinea pigs: the ultimate guide to successful pairing

In our step-by-step guide, we explore common questions surrounding bonding as well as how to safely introduce guinea pigs to achieve the best chances at a harmonious bond. 

Help! I am allergic to my guinea pigs!

If you find yourself sneezing and spluttering when you’re close to your piggy, you may have an allergy. Here’s our guide to coping when your piggy is making you ill. 

Top USA Boarding for Guinea Pigs

Planning a holiday? Who will take are of your piggies while you are away? Boarding services or pet sitting may be a great option for you!

Can I dress up my guinea pig? Our Opinion on Small Pet Costumes!

You may have noticed that some online stores are selling pet costumes for guinea pigs. Super cute, right? Hmmm….actually, we’d have to disagree there. 

Homemade Christmas Treats for Guinea Pigs - EASY RECIPE!

Although treats are not an essential part of your guinea pig’s diet, it is a nice way to brighten up their day with the occasional treat! What better time to give them a delicious homemade treat than Christmas! Bake with us this season with this simple 4 ingredient recipe!

Best Guinea Pig Gifts for Christmas: a 2022 Guide

Your guinea pigs bring you much love all year round, so why not treat them to the best gift this Christmas? Don't forget about your guinea pig loving friends and family too, or maybe even treat yourself! We have guinea pig themed gift ideas that will surely delight!

The Ultimate Guide to Hairless and Skinny Guinea Pigs

If you’re new to the world of skinny guinea pigs, we’ve put together a guide to these intriguing - and extremely lovable - little animals. 

Everything you need to know about your guinea pig and their weight

Taking the time to regularly pop your piggy on the scales is a crucial part of cavy care. Confused? Well, don’t be because we’ve answered all your questions about guinea pigs and their weight

21 Guinea Pig Fun Facts

Guinea pigs are much more complex than you think, that's why we've put together 21 interesting fun facts that we think will delightfully surprise you and help address some of the most frequently asked questions.

Long Hair DO Care! The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Long-Hair Guinea Pigs

Caring for a long-hair guinea pig can seem overwhelming! That's why we have created this quick guide for you.

Recommended Guinea Pig Vets in the USA and Canada: Cavy Savvy Vet Maps

We have heard all too often that guinea pig owners struggle to find a vet that has the knowledge, skills and confidence to treat small pets. That's why we created a map of recommended guinea pig vets in the USA and Canada, by polling our community of guinea pig owners.

The Ultimate Guide to Guinea Pig Breeds and Colours

In this article, we’ve put together a summary of the different types of guinea pig breeds as well as the different colouration varieties you may come across. 
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