Reducing your guinea pigs' carbon footprint

Guinea pigs are tiny little things, so their carbon footprint is bound to be small. Yet, if you have committed to green living, you may be interested in knowing that there are ways to reduce their environmental impact. 

What are C&C Cages for Guinea pigs?

C&C cages are becoming an increasingly popular option to keep guinea pigs. But what are they? And what makes them so great?  

The ultimate guide to using fleece liners for guinea pigs

Fleece liners have become the latest craze when it comes to guinea pig bedding But how to use them? 

6 + 1 ways in which C and C cages for Guinea Pigs got better

Did you know that C and C cages have been around since the eighties? In almost fifty years, the concept of C and C cages had time to mature, and the 2020 C&C cage has had a few upgrades from its 1980s version! 

Which C&C cage is right for my guinea pigs?

With hundreds of designs to choose from, it can be overwhelming to identify the right C and C cage for you and your guinea pigs. Here is a quick decision tree to guide you in your choice!

What does C&C cage stand for?

If you are a dedicated guinea pig owner, you have probably come across the terms C&C cage on forums and articles about guinea pigs. But what does C&C cage stand for? 

4 reasons to add a stand to your Guinea Pigs C&C cage

With so many options to choose from, you might be whether to pick a C and C cage with a stand or not. In this short article, we share some of the reasons why we think stands are an excellent add-on to your C&C guinea pig cage. 

Hinged doors, lids and gates on C&C Cages: how does it work?

Not all C&C cages come with doors, but ours do! Door-grids are very handy when it comes to allowing your pets to roam free or when it's time to clean the pen. They can be placed to create a lid, a single hinged door or a double gate. 

10 ideas to decorate your Guinea Pigs C&C cage with everyday items

Decorating and customizing your guinea pig cage is the final and most exciting part of setting up your C and C guinea pig cage. But creating a unique place for your furry pets should not have to require expensive supplies. 

How to clean a Guinea pig (or rabbit) C&C cage?

There are few things in life consistently triggering guinea pigs to popcorn, but cleaning their C&C cage is one of them! 

A guide to C&C cages sizes for guinea pigs

With hundreds of designs to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to pick the right C&C guinea pig cage. So, which C&C guinea pig cage size is right for you?

Do guinea pigs need a house in their cage? 

Are you about to welcome guinea pigs and wondering how to create the perfect habitat for them? So, do guinea pigs need a house in their pen?
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