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Help! I am allergic to my guinea pigs!

If you find yourself sneezing and spluttering when you’re close to your piggy, you may have an allergy. Here’s our guide to coping when your piggy is making you ill. 

Top USA Boarding for Guinea Pigs

Planning a holiday? Who will take are of your piggies while you are away? Boarding services or pet sitting may be a great option for you!

Do Guinea Pigs Like Wearing Costumes?

When us hoomans have a reason to celebrate, we don’t want to be party poopers - so we get our precious pigs involved in our celebrations! Especially around the holiday season, some piggy parents are tempted to put Halloween costumes for guinea pigs or Christmas costumes for guinea pigs on their little floofs. Who could resist making the cute cavies look even more adorable?

Homemade Christmas Treats for Guinea Pigs - EASY RECIPE!

Although treats are not an essential part of your guinea pig’s diet, it is a nice way to brighten up their day with the occasional treat! What better time to give them a delicious homemade treat than Christmas! Bake with us this season with this simple 4 ingredient recipe!

How Big Do Guinea Pigs get? (+ growth Charts)

You may already be an expert on cavy care, from clean cages to the perfect diet. But not many piggy parents know that weighing their furry potatoes every wheek is a great way to monitor their wellbeing. Taking the time to regularly pop your piggy on the scales is a crucial part of cavy care and a helpful way to keep an eye on their general health and catch anything unusual early on.

Do Guinea Pigs Hibernate?

When you hear the word hibernation, you may think of a sleepy bear or a hedgehog tightly curled up underneath a pile of leaves. Lots of animals go into hibernation every winter to make it through the colder months when there’s little food around. But what about our pet piggies? Do guinea pigs hibernate?

Long Hair, Do Care! The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Long-Hair Guinea Pigs

Long-haired piggies require some more TLC and grooming than their short-haired friends in order to keep them looking their best and staying healthy and happy. If you have a guinea pig with long hair (or even two, lucky you!), find out all about long-haired guinea pig breeds and what you need to know when caring for long-haired guinea pigs!

Recommended Guinea Pig Vets in the USA and Canada (with Map)

We have heard all too often that guinea pig owners struggle to find a vet that has the knowledge, skills and confidence to treat small pets. That's why we created a map of recommended guinea pig vets in the USA and Canada, by polling our community of guinea pig owners.

The Ultimate Guide to Guinea Pig Breeds, Colors, and Markings

Guinea pigs have been living side by side with people for thousands of years. Since the adorable floofs have become companion animals, their wild piggy ancestors have split into many different breeds of guinea pigs, as well as guinea pig colors and guinea pig coat types. With floofy, soft, and even coarse coats, the different guinea pig breeds delight piggy parents across the world today.

Can guinea pigs get COVID-19?

When COVID-19 hit and the pandemic forced people to stay home for months on end, the lives of many hoomans - and their pets - changed drastically. At first, rescues saw a huge uptake in guinea pig adoptions across the world, with many floofers finding new forever homes. Sadly, as restrictions eased and the hoomans returned to their busy lifestyles, many of these companions also returned to the rescues. It’s fair to say the pandemic affected our furry friends in many ways - but can guinea pigs get COVID? 

Top 10 Tips to help your Children caring for their Guinea Pigs

Smaller pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits can be ideal pets for your children. But how to make the relationship work? Here our top tips to teach your children about responsibilities, kindness and compassion. 

How many guinea pigs are there in the world?

Have you ever wondered how many guinea pigs are there in the world or in your own country? Well, a lot! The Kavee team has done some research for you and it transpires that guinea pigs are small in size but mighty in numbers! 
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