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5x2 C&C Cage

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This cage is suitable to house up to 3 guinea pigs. We recommend the use of our fleece liners and ramp covers Kavee.

BABY GRIDS: Thanks to our thin meshing with small holes, our C&C grids are safe to use with baby guinea pigs older than 8 weeks. Please always run a test with your own pets since guinea pigs come in a variety of sizes and shapes!

LARGE CAGE: Our large C&C cages provide at least 8 square feet of living area, twice more than traditional cages. Here is a cage that finally guarantees guinea pigs a real quality of life, as recommended by vets.

CREATIVE, FUN & MODULAR: This cage is made of grid panels to place according to your animal’s needs which make it fully customizable. You can decorate it to your taste with Kavee fleece bedding and ramp covers.

EASY TO CLEAN AND ACCESS: It is also very easy to clean and access thanks to its open top and door grids rotating 180 degrees. It can be stored flat for easy transport. Great for traveling and outdoor use too.

EASY ASSEMBLY THANKS TO PRE-CUT COROPLAST: We are the inventor of the coroplast sheet designed for guinea pigs with unique locking slots. Our C and C cages set up in minutes. No tools or connecting pieces required to set up.

COMPLETE SET: This set contains wire grid panels, connectors, and all the corrugated plastic cage required for this model. See details below.

4 EXCLUSIVE FEATURES BY KAVEE: Pre-cut coroplast with locking slots, 180 rotating door-grids, soft slopes and round corners, outdoor or indoor use.

If you love to handle your guinea pigs or have back problems, the model with a stand might be interesting for you. In addition, it creates a convenient space to store food or other stuff for your pet below the cage.

Build a colorful world by matching our plastic bases with KAVEE fleece liners and ramp covers. We have developed a range of colorful cages to suit your preferences, from neutral to bright, and even pastel colors. When it comes to bedding, fleece liners are the best option for your pets. They stay dry and keep odors under control. They are ecological and economical. Last but not least, pets love their comfort.

The assembly of Kavee C&C cages for guinea pigs is very simple. Just assemble the grids together using connectors and ties. As for the plastic base in coroplast, with its pre-cut locking slots, it can easily be assembled by folding the corners and inserting the hooks in the slots. No tool or tape is required for assembly. For more information, please refer to the assembly manual.

Once set-up, the Kavee C and C cage can be arranged and decorated in multiple ways according to your wishes. With our C&C cages, we recommend the use of Kavee fleece bedding, cage liners and ramp covers.

Kavee C&C cages can be cleaned simply and quickly. Remove your pets and the bedding from the cage and remove the residual waste. Clean the coroplast sheet with a damp sponge and household detergent. Finally, dry your coroplast with a cloth. You are ready to set up your cage again.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our friendly customer service!

Kavee C and C cages do not present a risk of poisoning in the event of chewing the coroplast or grids. All of our C&C cages are safe to chew and the grid coating does not wear off.

Most animals will not chew the coroplast sheet. However, if this happens, you must immediately prevent this behavior by covering the edge of the coroplast sheet, using a cloth, cardboard, or a binding stick. Some animals sometimes need a little time to adapt to their new habitat and lose this bad habit after a while.

We advise the use of a lid if you have young children, cats or dogs. However, we do not guarantee the integrity of the lid in case of an attack by another animal. Never leave a dangerous animal unattended near your cage.


  • 68,9 x 27,6 x 13,8 inches or (1.75 x 0.70 x 0.35 m)

Kit content:

  • Without/with lid: 14/20 modular grids, 0/4 door-grids, 28/40 connectors, and 1 smart correx base
  • Assembly instructions in digital format (sent with the order confirmation email and flyer)


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