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Kavee is born from the passion of two animal lovers, who like many of us, struggled to find the best cage for their guinea pigs.

After some research, it quickly appeared to them that C&C cages are among the best habitats for guinea pigs, being spacious, open and flexible.

Yet, pet shops do not stock C&C cages. In many countries, C and C cages and C and C grids were not available to willing buyers just a few years ago. The only option left was to engage in DIY, buying storage cube panels and cutting coroplast sheets.

While fun, DIY did not quite feel right to Kavee's founders.

Why should guinea pig parents have to build themselves a C&C cage if they wanted a suitable habitat? Are DIY material and cube storage even safe for guinea pigs?

Small pets like guinea pigs are not the priority of pet shops and brands, because they are a niche market. Yet, this should not condemn them to a miserable life in a small, ugly and impractical cage.

Kavee's founders recognized the potential of C&C cages to be beautiful, user-friendly structures, embellishing a room, being proudly decorated by its owners.

They were astounded by their impact on pets: guinea pigs popcorning as soon as they were in a C&C cage.

Kavee was founded in 2016 to fill this gap. Since the beginning of the adventure, the focus has been to offer complete, affordable C&C cages kit. Kavee always challenges the status quo to improve the quality of our cages. At Kavee, we are not afraid to bring on new developments to make our cages - and therefore your life - better.

That's why Kavee introduced features unseen in competitors such as correx sheets with lock-in slots. Another example: the low edges of our coroplast allows your guinea pigs to see the world around them, instead of fixing a coroplast wall.

Animal wellbeing is at the core of what we do. We are guinea pig parents, biologist, vet and engineers. We love to think that our products improve the lives of thousands of small pets.

At a time where humans exploit many animal lives, this is our (small) contribution to a better world.

But animals are not the only ones to benefit at Kavee.

Kavee has a strong social mission: supporting the employment of workers with disabilities and mental health issues as well as minorities (such as people of color or women).

This group now represent more than 50% of our workforce, and we are eager to grow in this direction.


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