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Do you have any questions about our C and C cages or fleece liners for guinea pigs and rabbits? Please use our help center below or check our blog.

Most of our orders are delivered in 3-5 days. (Unless stated differently on the website banner)
Under normal conditions, we usually prepare and ship orders in 1 to 3 working days. Once shipped, orders are delivered in 2 to 4 working days.

We deliver for free in the USA for all orders above $50. For orders below $50, we deliver to the USA with a delivery fee of $7.

We deliver to Canada with a delivery fee of $15 (USD). Note that custom fees apply to Canada and Switzerland.

If your country isn't on the list of available countries, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

For all our UK and EU customers, please visit: (UK and the rest of the EU) (France) (Germany)

No, not directly when you place an order. However, once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email from the shipper with a button "Manage Delivery". It will give you the possibility to arrange the delivery at a later date or to a neighbour or to change the delivery address (within some conditions). 

No, not for now, only the standard delivery is available. 

We accept payment by bank transfer, Paypal, Bancontact, Mister cash, Visa, Mastercard and American express credit card. 

No there is no differed payment plan available. 

Usually in 3 to 5 working days. Occasionally up to a week.

Yes. Firstly you will be informed by email of your order's confirmation, then you will receive another email with a tracking number once your order is shipped.

Yes. If you have just placed an order you can contact us the very same day at Past 12-24h after your order, you will be able to change the address on the transporter's website as soon as you receive your package tracking number.

Please contact us by email at and send us photos of the broken products within 7 days after receiving the order. Please also send us photos of the packaging (inside and outside). In any case, make sure to keep every piece of the packaging until the case is resolved.

Some orders are sent in several shipments and they may arrive separately. If this is the case, it will be indicated in your Fedex tracking.

If you think any element is missing, please reread the product's description on our online store which lists every included components. If there is a discrepancy with what you have, send us a photo of what you have received. For other problems, contact us at and send us pictures of the issue.

We will do our best but if your order has already been sent out for production, it will not be possible to cancel it. For your cancellation request, you should send an email to and to, with the following email subject: ORDER MODIFICATION - your order reference.

In order to remain eco-friendly, we have decided against printing any assembly instructions. We have uploaded assembly videos for each of our cages on our Youtube channel Kavee. You can also download our instruction manual in pdf here

Please click here to consult the refund policy.

Designed originally for guinea pigs, the C&C cage can also be used for rabbits. Rabbits need more space than guinea pigs so it’s preferable to choose a larger cage. Please note that the C&C cage’s loft is not designed for rabbits. 

C&C cages combine several characteristics greatly appreciated both by guinea pigs and by their owners:

- Much more spacious than classic cages

- Flexible and modular

- Easily transportable

- Fun, inventive and customization

- Easy to clean

You will find a lot of great articles about C&C cages on our blog

We invite you to check our blog ‘Which C&C cage is right for my guinea pigs?’. If you have any back problems, we strongly advise you to choose a C&C cage with a stand. 

Once set-up, the C&C cage can be treated like any other cage. We recommend the use of fleece liners. Add a hammock and a shelter for your pets' comfort as well as toys to avoid boredom. To help you, you can check our blog ’10 ideas to decorate your C&C cage with everyday items’.  For more ideas and inspiration, follow us on Instagram

We strongly suggest that you get a C&C cage with a stand. Here are the main benefits of a cage with a stand:

- Ergonomic; makes it easy to clean the cage

- Easier bonding with your pet

- Create storage space

- Limit your pet's exposure to draught

For more information we invite you to check our blog post ‘4 reasons to add a stand to your C&C cage ‘ 

We advise the use of a lid if you have young children, cats or dogs, or, if the C&C cage is intended for rabbits or guinea pigs particularly prone to climbing. However, we do not guarantee the integrity of the lid in case of an attack by another animal. Never leave a dangerous animal unattended near your cage. Beside these cases, we recommend keeping the C&C cage without a top in order to maintain an easy access. 

For your special projects, you can buy our components separately: grids, door-grids, coroplast sheets, connectors. Don’t hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our expertise and advice or for a quotation at

In order to remain eco-friendly, we have decided against printing any assembly instructions. We have uploaded assembly videos for each of our cages on our Youtube channel Kavee. You can also download our instruction manual in pdf here

Guinea pigs are not climbers. However, they can go up and down a gentle slope. Our lofts are designed to be placed halfway up the grids for a soft slope. Don’t forget that a loft doesn’t make up an adequate surface area of the cage. Be also aware that cleaning the cage is a bit more difficult with a loft. 

No but you can combine our coroplast sheets to make a custom coroplast floor. For more information, you can check our page ‘How to use coroplast in a C&C cage for guinea pigs'? and our Youtube channel.

No. At Kavee, we want to allow the animals to have a view of the world outside their cage.  We are convinced that it’s an essential component for their well-being. 

To learn more about this subject check our blog ‘How to clean a C&C cage’? and our video on Youtube.

This is an excellent question. At Kavee, we take safety and animal well-being very seriously. We are guinea pig owners ourselves and we know their needs. We have studied, tested and designed numerous prototypes. Quality and safety have a price. Eventually, the choice is yours.

What you risk finding elsewhere:

-grids whose sheaths disintegrate in case of biting (with a likelihood of ingestion)

-connectors that don’t hold grids together well enough

-coroplast too thin that won’t be able to sustain your guinea pig’s weight

-coroplast that you must transform yourself, for better or for worst

-zero useful advice in the matter

As another example, we remind you that our coroplast has round corners to avoid any sharp edges near your pets as well as locking slots for an easy set-up.

Yes of course. However, we advise you to check the grids’ size. To be compatible with our grids, they must be 13,8 inches long. Our coroplast are designed for 13,8 inches grids and are suitable for grids up to 14.5 inches long. 

Like with all cages, it’s possible that your animal chews his cage. However, your C&C Kavee cage materials are ready for this: our coroplast is non-toxic and indigestible. If they won't stop, you need to take actions by covering the edges with fleece or our nibble guards. After a while they will stop gnawing. As for our grids, bars are covered with a technique called spray coating which will protect the paint from our voracious pets! 

Thanks to our thin meshing with small holes, our C&C grids are safe to use with baby guinea pigs older than 8 weeks. Please always try the grids with your own guinea pigs since each guinea pig is different.  

You don’t have to put something under the liner. All the information on how to use liners are available in this article ‘The ultimate guide to using fleece liners for guinea pigs ‘ or on our Youtube channel.

It depends on the number of guinea pigs, their habits and even on their diet (since some veggies will make them urinate more). As a general rule, we observe that liners must be changed every 2 to 4 days. 

Kavee is headquartered on the Isle of Wight, UK. Our logistic center is currently located in Belgium. 

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