Kavee Koins Loyalty Programme

Welcome to the Kavee Klub

We know you and your precious pets have a very special bond. If they’re happy, we’re happy, right? Give your furry friends more of what they love by joining the exclusive Kavee Klub!

What’s the Kavee Klub about?

The Kavee Klub is our lovely loyalty program. We welcome VIPPs (Very Important Pet Parents) - that’s you -  to the Klub, so they can collect Kavee Koins with every order and save on the piggy palaces and bunny beds they and their pets love the most.

What are you waiting for? Become a VIPP today!

How do I join the Kavee Klub?

We’re so excited to welcome you to the Kavee Klub! 

Simply click on the Kavee Koins in the bottom left corner of your screen, and start collecting your Koins.

Kavee Koins

How do I collect Kavee Koins?

Glad you asked! You’ll collect Kavee Koins for every order you place with us. Exclusive rewards and a new pet palace or adorable accessories in one go? A win-win situation, for sure.

For every $1 you spend on our products, you’ll get 10 Koins added to your piggy bank.

Come and follow us on instagram for an extra 200 Koins.

Refer a friend

Can I refer a friend?

We know life is better with (furry) friends. So if you welcome a new VIPP to the Klub and they spend $50 in our shop, you’ll both get a $10 coupon. Sharing really is caring!

You’ll find your unique referral link when you log into your account.

Where can I see my Koin balance?

We’re collecting your treasure right in your VIPP account. You can find out how much you’ve got in your piggy bank by logging into your account and clicking on the button at the bottom left corner.

Gift Koins

How can I spend my Kavee Koins?

For every 500 Koins, you’ll get $1 off your next order. If you keep collecting Koins with every order, you’ll soon add adorable accessories to your pet palace for free!

What will you pick first? A cute Cuddle Cup for snuggle sessions with your floofy friends, or maybe a homely Fleece Hidey? How about a wooden castle for courageous cavies?

The choice is yours!


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