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Free Resources for Guinea Pig Owners

The knowledge to care for your guinea pigs should be free! That's why we have created free resources to be by your side on this adventure!

Our care sheets are printable, beautifully illustrated with watercolour, and packed with information. They also include fillable templates to keep track of your own guinea pigs' information.

Suitable for beginners or experienced owners, adults and kids, wanting to know all the essential information and keeping track of the important things. Simply print them and it is ready to use!

1/ 25-page comprehensive care sheet package

Including many essentials such as :
  • 3 Food Lists : Veg, Fruit, Unsafe food list
  • *UNIQUE* Personality mapping tool with two examples
  • Starter checklist: all you need to get for your guinea pigs
  • Daily feeding guide, routine tasks and other tasks
  • Typical weight charts for female and male guinea pigs
  • First symptoms of illnesses

2/ Guinea Pig Personality Guide

A 4-page guide to map your guinea pig personality and compare it with its piggie companions.
This digital document includes:
  • a personality mapping tool with two examples
  • two empty charts to draw your own map of your guinea pigs personality

3/ Guinea Pig Weight Chart

Is your guinea pig on track with its growth? Is he underweight or overweight? How does his weight chart compare with the average guinea pig?

Find the answers to all these questions with our 5-page weight guide including average weight charts for male and female, and templates to make your own.
This digital document includes:
  • Typical weight charts for female and male guinea pigs
  • Two templates to make your own guinea pig weight charts

4/ Guinea Pig Food Lists

This digital document includes:
  • A daily feeding guide for guinea pigs
  • 3 Food Lists : Veg, Fruit, Unsafe food list
  • 2 Care sheets to fill for each of your guinea pigs (care sheets are duplicated so that each guinea pig has its own)
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