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NEW limited edition collection for pooping piggies!

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Spring is in bloom! Discover our brand-new
collection for free roaming rabbits.
Bunny Blossom!

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Meet The UK’s Leading Small Pet Brand

Our top-notch C&C cages, fleece liners, and accessories get your piggies popcorning and bunnies binkying.

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Meet the Kavee Rescue

We started Kavee because of our
immense love for piggies. Now,
we’re expanding our mission to
help enhance the lives of even
more piggies.

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Our values at Kavee

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Our Team

Animal welfare is at the heart of Kavee. Our team of small animal experts work hard to bring real solutions to pet parents and help small pets across the globe live better lives.

But we don’t stop there. Come find out more about Kavee’s CEO and founder Clementine and her vision for a better future for small pets!

Meet the Kavee Krew!


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